Page Builder

Avant integrates neatly with the 2 top Page Builders. Build any page layouts using Elementor and/or SiteOrigin’s Page Builder. Have fun building your website.

WooCommerce Ready

We’ve added on our own design for WooCommerce, the most popular eCommerce platform, letting you easily and beautifully sell your products online.

Fully Responsive

Avant is fully responsive and adapts to all devices from desktop screens down to mobile, and everything in between. Designed to look great on any device.

7 Header Layouts

Select between 7 different header layouts and design the website you’re wanting easily. Avant also comes with a bunch of extra settings for the header and more.

5 Blog Layouts

Avant gives you the ability to fully customize your blog by selecting between 5 layouts, plus offering lots more layout options for the Blog and WooCommerce pages.

4 Footer Layouts

Along with many other website settings, you can select between 5 different footer layouts and built the information you need to display on every page of your website.



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Fell asleep… didn’t see you there

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Blue or Red… which one?

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My yoga on a rock

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Standing on a skew horizon

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