“Guten is the perfect platform for your next project, it’s intuitive, flexible, extendable and scalable

Offering deep integration with WooCommerce, Elementor and other top WordPress plugins.

Why Choose the Guten Theme

Just a few reasons we think you will love the Guten Theme.


The Guten theme is free for you to download and use as you want. We do offer a premium upgrade which offers extra settings which you will find very useful. Hope you like it!

WooCommerce Ready

Set up an online store easily with Guten Theme and WooCommerce. With deep integration they work together as a team so you can put your focus on selling your products.


Guten has all the settings you will need to easily build a beautiful and professional website. Whether you’re a developer or a novice at building sites, Guten makes it easy!

Dedicated Support

Our support team is dedicated to helping every request we receive. While premium users do get prioritized support, we do get to every request and help as we can.

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The new website editor

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Creating your Work Office

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Books, Business & Paper

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Guten Integrates with Top Page Builders

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